How do I know if a grading permit is required?

Grading and erosion control permits can be required with a building permit, or just on their own for projects that are altering natural landscapes and grade. The chart below outlines the thresholds for permit requirements based upon the area of disturbance and the steepness of slopes within that area. There are two levels of grading permits, statement level and plan level. Prior to submitting a plan level grading permit (or a building permit associated with that project), a pre-application conference is required to be held with County staff. Requirements for application submittals can be found on the permit application form. grading thresholds

The pre-application request can be found here: Pre-Application Conference Request

The grading permit application can be found here: Grading and Erosion Control Application

Grading standards can be found here: Land Development Regulation Division 5.7.2

If you have questions about grading standards you can also contact the Teton County Engineering Services at (307)733-3317

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