Do I need a permit for putting up a fence?

Fences do not require permits if they meet all the requirements for Wildlife Friendly Fencing as detailed in LDR Sec. 5.1.2. If the proposed fencing deviates from these regulations, a Special Purpose Fencing application must be submitted to the Planning Department. This application can be found on our Planning Applications & Checklists web page under Miscellaneous Planning Request (MSC) Application

IMG_1779In short, any new fencing can be no higher than 38 inches above the ground and the spacing between the top two wires or top pole/rail and adjacent wire shall be at least 12 inches. The minimum clearance from the ground shall be 16 inches. Buck and rail fencing shall be avoided. When replacing or repairing old fencing or if the fencing is agriculture related, please call our office for the specifics and/or exemptions. 

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1. Do I need a permit for putting up a fence?
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