Do I need to have bear-proof trash containers?

There are two zones of bear priority danger in Teton County. While it is recommended that everyone have bear-proof containers, refuse and recycle containers and dumpsters are only required to be bear resistant in areas designated as Conflict Area 1. To find out if your property is within this designated area, go to the geographic information system (GIS) and click Bear Conflict Priority Areas under the Planning and Building Layers. bear photo

Areas within the Town of Jackson, Melody Ranches or Rafter J subdivision are not required to have bear resistant containers.

Keep in mind that bear proof trash containers are required on active construction sites, regardless of location in the County, for disposing of food waste. 

Related Land Development Regulations: Section 5.2.2 Bear Conflict Area Standards (PDF)

For more information on bear-proof trash containers or to identify a potential violation, proceed to the Code Compliance web page. 

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