The Premise

The coalition of stakeholders working to protect our public lands has the potential to become a movement. Youth engagement proponents, outdoor recreationists, land managers, and conservation advocates realize their greatest opportunities for  effectiveness when they address issues of common concern with a unified voice. Working together to achieve shared objectives, their ability to champion our public lands in a time of unprecedented threat is extraordinary.

The Problem

The greatest threat to the movement’s success is its fragmentation. Compartmentalization of work, replication of effort, lack of communication between principals, and conflict between natural allies are just a few of the challenges that conspire against a united whole.

The Solution

SHIFT (Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow) unites natural allies around the common goal of protecting our public lands. By providing a unified framework for their stewardship, we increase the effectiveness of our individual efforts.

Held each October in the “crucible of conservation,” Jackson Hole, SHIFT inspires the outdoor recreation/conservation partnership with food, film, speakers, workshops and outdoor adventure. Our objective is to advance on-the-ground solutions that leverage outdoor recreation for conservation gains, and to provide a unified framework for natural allies to better protect our public lands, waters and wildlife.

Post Event Plans

Immediately preceding this year’s SHIFT, the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) will convene a gathering of rising stars (21 and older) who have distinguished themselves in the fields of outdoor recreation, outdoor  education, land management or conservation to chart a course for the future of the outdoor recreation/conservation partnership. Together with representatives of the 2016 SHIFT Award nominees, the Emerging Leaders will then plug into The SHIFT Summit as we facilitate a deep drill of  the opportunities and challenges at the heart of our common interests. As is always the case at SHIFT, lunch and breakfast discourses, happy hours, film programs, keynote speakers and The People’s Banquet will add dynamic, provocative cross-pollination to the mix.