Firehouse 7 - Adams Canyon

This is the newest firehouse in the department, which was completed in the spring of 2002. It is located at 3230 Adams Canyon Drive.  This station houses five pieces of apparatus, one Engine, one Water Tender, one Squad, one Ambulance and one Brush Truck.

The building has a meeting room, kitchen facilities, locker rooms, physical fitness room and apparatus floor. The building is 6,400 square feet and protects the residential and commercial areas of South Park and South Highway 89.

A group of firefighters in fire gear sitting in front of a fire truck.


Battalion Chief

  • James Tucker


  • Rob Dearing


  • Clay Geittmann
  • James Little

Career Personnel

  • Wendy Blair
  • Kevin Grange
  • Austin Sessions
  • Ben Thurston


  • Ray Brence
  • Brad Larson
  • Ben Mateosky
  • Kevin Rauch-Lynch
  • Matthew Somers
  • Maggie Stewart
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Cassandra Whelihan
  • Pete Wilson

Station 7 Apparatus List

Apparatus Use Type
Medic 70
Engine 71
Pumper 1,250 750
Rescue 74
Rescue Truck
Tender 77
Water Tender
500 3,000
Brush 78
Brush Truck (2.5 Ton 6 by 6) (Foam Metering)
300 800