Workforce Housing

The community's goal is to house at least 65% of the workforce locally. Many types of workforce housing exist in Teton County. Market rate homes that house people who work in Teton County are non-restricted workforce housing. There are six types of restricted units that are intended to house the workforce as well.


Affordable units are owner-occupied with restricted pricing. To qualify, households must meet employment, income, and asset criteria.


Employment-based units are owner-occupied and intended to serve households that don't fit within Affordable income categories, but still cannot afford to purchase a market rate home in Teton County. To qualify, households must meet employment criteria and earn 75% of their income from a local business.


This restriction creates a type of employment-based units that may be either rental or ownership. The qualification criteria are the same as Employment-based except that there is no cap on the initial purchase or rent negotiation.


Attainable units were built before housing standards were adopted in the Land Development Regulations. No more Attainable units will be constructed, but the Rules and Regulations still apply through the management of existing units. They have income limits and asset limits that are calculated according to their deed restriction. They do not have a price cap, but buyers must qualify to purchase.


Employee housing is created through new commercial development. These units are rental units that may not be owner occupied. A maximum rent is allowed to be charged that is calculated according to their deed restriction. To qualify, households must meet income and employment criteria.


These units must be rented to employees working in Teton County. There are no income limits or maximum rents on ARUs.