WUI Information for Contractors

Plan Review Submission Process

Electronic submission for plan review is encouraged. Fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans must be stamped by a Fire Protection Engineer or NICETIII certification stamped technician.

Information for Builders in Teton County

The Town of Jackson and Teton County have adopted the International Code Council 2012 edition of the Wildland Urban Interface Code. If you are planning to build within the wildland urban interface you must first determine the property is in a mapped WUI area. The intent of this code is to build structures that will withstand a fast moving wildland fire.

Construction requirements are determined by reviewing the area fire hazard rating, reviewing and determining water compliance, and consideration of existing or proposed defensible space on the property. With the fire hazard determination for the area, a memo will be drafted which outlines the site and construction requirements necessary to meet the IWUIC.

It is recommended this information be obtained prior to significant planning to forego future changes which might be required for code compliance. Please fill out the application form (PDF) and email it back to us to begin the IWUIC process. Please allow 7-10 working days for review and response.  Please note, a site plan indicating dimensions is now required at time of application.

Ignition Resistant Construction

Ignition Resistant Construction will be called out as either Does Not Apply, IR3, IR2, or IR1 construction, the latter being the most restrictive.

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Notes on Each Requirement