• Improve Facilities: Systematically complete the Pathways Improvement Program list of on-road and off-road improvements for bicycling, walking, horseback riding, and Nordic skiing.
  • Increase Use: Double the percentage of transportation trips made by bicycling, walking and other non-motorized modes by 2015.
  • Enhance Safety: Decrease the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents and multi-user trail conflicts by 10%.

Broad Program Objectives

  • Meet needs of all levels of bicyclists: Create a comprehensive network of on-road and off-road facilities that connects neighborhoods and provides safe, convenient access to schools, employment centers, and other destinations, and that are integrated with the roadway and transit systems.
  • Meet needs of pedestrians, including persons with disabilities: Make all streets and intersections "pedestrian-friendly" and accessible.
  • Meet needs of equestrians: Create a network of trails and trail access points that connects horse friendly areas of the county with public lands and provides safe, convenient access to major equestrian destinations.
  • Meet needs of Nordic skiers: Create a network of winter Nordic trails and trail access points that provides close to home Nordic skiing opportunities on public and private lands.
  • Increase safety through promoting education and enforcement: Play a constructive role in facilitating the creation of education programs by providing teacher training, curriculum materials, and other support services. Play a constructive role in facilitating enforcement programs with law enforcement officials, the public, and decision makers.
  • Encourage and promote bicycling and walking: Shift 10% of transportation trips to bicycle and walking modes by 2015; conduct a promotion campaign for bicycling and walking transportation trips.