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Wyoming 4-H Portfolio

The Wyoming 4-H program utilizes a portfolio system for helping youth report on their learning experience each year. The system has seven distinct sections that help youth plan for their involvement by setting learning goals for each project in which they've enrolled, report on their experiences, and account for their successes and involvement. As a youth development program this system helps youth, parents, and volunteers plan for learning experiences that enrich and meet the goals of youth while also providing important information to UW, funding agencies, the media, and others.

At the state level, these portfolios are used as application materials for national trips, scholarships, leadership team selection, awards, etc. Counties use them to select recognition in areas of leadership, citizenship, project experiences, as well as creativity and other areas. Alumni of the program have indicated their use helped them as they began applying for scholarships in other areas of their life as well as remind them of timelines regarding involvement, successes, and challenges they faced while a 4-H member. Additionally, this system supports the Wyoming 4-H Achievement Program in helping youth be recognized for their involvement annually (gold, silver, or green recognition) and over time with potential induction into the State 4-H Honor's Club.

Record Books Pages

Access information from the University of Wyoming - Wyoming 4H Portfolio page. All sections above are required for all ages and all projects. Please note, you will need a separate Section 1/Project Record for every different project you are in. Check off each box to make sure your record book is complete.