Emergency Management

Winter is Coming

Be prepared this winter with reliable sources of information on weather and roads. 

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Receiving and Understanding Emergency Alerts

Are you set up to receive important and time-sensitive information from authorities during an emergency? Can you receive this information via multiple pathways? Check out the information below and visit our Public Warning System page to learn more.

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  1. Spring Gulch Road Avalanche March 2023

    Winter Driving and Commuter Preparedness

    It takes advance planning to stay safe on winter roads, and that’s true whether you drive, bike, walk, or take public transit. Teton County Emergency Management encourages everyone to take the following measures before venturing out in wintry conditions. Read on...
  2. Escape Plan Graphic

    3 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

    Everyone faces risks when it comes to the multitude of extreme weather events and emergencies we now face. Thankfully, some planning and low-cost actions taken now can improve your own and your household's disaster resilience. Read on...
  3. 2023 ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

    Earthquakes: Prepare and Stay Safe

    Major earthquakes can happen in Teton County, Wyoming. A great way to increase your earthquake preparedness is to practice the actions you would take during a real earthquake to keep yourself safe. Read on...
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