Millward Crossing at 400 W. Snow King Avenue

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February 2021 Update: This project did not receive LIHTC allocation and is currently in a holding pattern until the Town Council provides direction on next steps. 

This partnership with Summit Housing Group will result in 24 rental apartments - 18 one-bedroom homes and 6 two-bedroom homes - for households who work in Teton County and earn less than half of median family income. The developer is applying for Low Income Housing Tax Credits through the Wyoming Community Development Authority. Awards will be announced in January 2021. If awarded credits, the project will break ground in 2021 and anticipates welcoming residents in 2022. 

Groundbreaking: Spring 2021 if awarded credits

Anticipated Completion: Late 2022 if awarded credits

Total Units: 24 rental homes, 18 one-bedroom and 6 two-bedroom

Affordability: 0-50% MFI

Public Investment Per Unit: Town of Jackson is providing land and may provide additional investment depending on the award allocation. This decision will be made in January or February 2021.