Covid-19 Filing information

Fax/email filing fee update: 

Effective March 16, 2020, and until further notice, the Teton County Clerk of District Court’s Office and Teton County District Court Judge Timothy C. Day encourage the use of fax/e-mail filing for time sensitive Teton County District Court case filings whenever possible. We welcome and encourage non-time sensitive pleadings via mail.

Fax/email fees (usually $1 per page) are waived through December 6th.

Important Filing Reminders & Requirements:

A call to the clerk at (307) 733-2533 is required to request permission for each electronic filing. This requirement will continue to apply unless otherwise indicated by the Clerk.

As of April 1, 2020 and until further notice, only limited original pleadings need to follow in the mail. The clerk will provide details when you call.

When making the required telephone call to the Clerk’s office: 

State the case number, title of pleadings, and number of pages being filed.

When given staff permission to file electronically, please forward the pleadings only to the specific fax number or email address provided by the clerk.

Fax/email filings sent without a phone call, sent to individual staff email addresses, or sent to otherwise incorrect email addresses will not be processed.

If you do not receive a file stamped copy and confirmation of your email filing within 2 business days, please call our office.

Your consistent attention to the following details will best set us all up for success:

Only include filings for ONE CASE NUMBER per email.

Write the CASE NUMBER in the email subject line.

Submit SEPARATE PDFS for each pleading.

Proposed Orders should also be submitted as a separate PDF.

Cover letters should also be submitted as a separate PDF.

When mailing original filings is required, include a cover sheet stating: “This pleading/set of pleadings was fax/email filed on (insert date) during the fee waiver period.” This critical step will help us avoid duplicate docket entries and confusion.

Please contact our office at or 733-2533 with any questions.

Thank you.