Fitness Instructors

  1. Elizabeth Drapela – Yoga
  2. Susan Colligan – Total Fitness
  3. Maryt Fredrickson – Yoga
  4. Molly Breslin – Total Fitness
  5. Chrissy Shea - Yoga

Elizabeth discovered yoga in 1997 while attending massage school in Florida. After moving to Jackson in 1998 she deepened her practice and recognized that yoga keeps her grounded and enables her to live more fully in the present moment. Although she has studied yoga all over the world she feels fortunate to have completed her Anusara influenced teacher training in Jackson in 2013.

In addition to yoga, Elizabeth also teaches various massage classes and maintains an active massage practice. Her classes incorporate a focus on alignment, spirituality and playful joy.

  1. Amber Chapman – Zumba
  2. Lisa Laurie - Yoga
  3. Pat Ehrman – Jazzercise
  4. Elvis & Yan Olais - Zumba
  5. Kelsey Barklund – Total Fit

Amber was born and raised in Jackson Hole. She took many different dance classes when she was younger. Her mom had a love for dance and even majored in dance in college. It has always been a part of her life.

Amber had always heard of Zumba but never tried it. Her coworker convinced her to give it a try. It only took one class to fall love with the music, the rhythm and the moves. For someone that doesn't love to workout, this was a BIG deal. In the fall of 2015 she traveled to Utah to become a certified Zumba instructor.

Amber feels very fortunate to still call Jackson her home and to raise her 3 wonderful children alongside her loving husband.